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Choose your position in the game

Change is hard. This motion is new and confusing. 


Despite improvements in documentation, learning sources, and better technical integrations, "Cloud GTM" remains complicated to understand, challenging to assess, and unclear in its impact on organizational processes.

Think of Cloud GTM as a new set of rules in the Infinite Game. Your team is already on the pitch or field and these new rules must be communicated effectively and applied consistently. 


Navigating the Cloud GTM Game:
A Playbook for Stakeholders

Imagine you're in the middle of an intense soccer match, and suddenly, the referee blows the whistle. The rules have changed. The goals are now wider, the field is longer, and oh, by the way, you can now score points by passing the ball to a teammate on a hoverboard.


Welcome to the new game of Cloud GTM, where cloud marketplaces and co-selling with hyperscalers have redefined the playing field for your organization.

As Simon Sinek says in "The Infinite Game," it's not about winning or losing but staying in the game. So gear up, adapt, and let's play this new Cloud GTM game to its fullest!

CloudGTM soccer_edited.jpg

Choose Your Position

Avatar 86

Sal Esperson


consider yourself the agile winger; your alliances with hyperscalers are now crucial to setting up those game-winning opportunities.

Avatar 88

Rev Enueops


you're the star striker. The pressure is high but so are the rewards. Your playbook now includes leveraging cloud marketplaces to close deals faster.

Avatar 102

Customer Success


you're the coaches on the sidelines, training and guiding the team to adapt to this new game.

Avatar 111

Part Nerships


you're now the playmaker. Your role is akin to the midfield dynamo, orchestrating the flow of data and strategy to ensure seamless transitions.

Accomplish More

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