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Successful projects completed by our team range from Program Management to Sales Enablement to Co-Selling Process management for AWS.

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Create and run the Co-Sell Registration and Marketplace Execution program for a global technology company selling through AWS Marketplace

Our client achieved a 3x increase in inbound leads from AWS by delivering a workflow and rules-based solution to create, track, and manage co-sell registrations. 


We collaborated closely with our client's AWS Alliances team, the Alliances counterparts at AWS, and a 3rd party platform provider


Startup Advisory Service

Advised the founder of a startup breaking into the partnership management space with a differentiated product but selling into a legacy motion.   Offered milestone-based guidance. 

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Sales Enablement

Delivered geo-centric sales and partner enablement as part of a program to activate the co-sell motion for a multi-national technical organization with AWS


Cloud GTM Mentor

Create and deliver "Cloud GTM" content designed to meet the specific program requirements for each session of the "Marketplace Mastery" courses offered by ecosytem-leader Partner Insight

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